For the promotion of living ethics of the institution, the following principles and values, with the purpose to generate, preserve and expand the living ethics in our families, in the workplace and in civic life.


Life: as the basis of every possibility for the human condition.

Freedom: as the basis of possibility for human happiness.

Equity: as the basis for peaceful coexistence.

The right intention: as a basis for work with suitability.


Respect: Recognize and accept the other as similar but different.

Transparency: Serious and thoughtful, willing to be oriented.

Commitment: Attitude of responsibility for the fulfillment of the agreement.

Responsibility: Ability to assume the consequences of the acts themselves, in consideration of the totality of the environment in which we operate.

Discipline: Ongoing Commitment to the activities chosen with freedom and responsibility from respect for the own want.

Probity: Righteousness and integrity in the act.

Active tolerance: Willingness to accept individual differences without prejudice to the fundamental rights.