To speak about “Institucion Universitaria de Envigado”, is to refer to the municipal event in its evolution towards access to higher education of its population. In 1992, the creation of the Corporación Universitaria of Envigado was consolidated, academic activities, which starts the 10 February 1995 with the programs of Electronic Engineering and Systems Engineering. The 6 February 1995 before the ICFES formalized the creation of the institution of the University of Envigado.

Years later, the institution opens new academic programs: Pubic accounting, law, business administration, psychology, technology in Network Management and Technology in Development of Information Systems.

In addition to providing the community undergraduate programs, from the year 2014 will offer postgraduate programs in: The Labor Administrative Law, Government Procurement, State responsibility and Finance and Projects, specializations in Business ICT Management and psychology of Physical Activity and Sport; all with official registration by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Currently the UIE opened to the public the new Professional Technical Academic Program in transit, Transportation and Road Safety, attached to the Faculty of Law, Political Science and legal.

The Organization continues to be seen as the pole of educational development with innovative academic alternatives, with the screening of new programs directed to the progress of the community, in accordance with the principles and commitments contained in its institutional mission and commitment to educational excellence.