Degree awarded:

Specialist in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport

Program Name: Specialization in Physical Activity and Sport

SNIES code*: 104765

Duration: 2 Semesters - 39 weeks

Number of Academic Credits: 26

Day: Evening

Type of Training: Specialization

Modality: Face-to-face

Location: Envigado, Antioquia

Official Registration: Resolution of the MEN No. 10560 of 14 July 2015

Training Purpose

Empower professionals related to sport and physical activity, with its own strategies and knowledge of psychology, in order to promote the effective optimization of the psychophysical effort and its impact, in the practice of physical activities, sports and recreational activities, according to the individual characteristics, the mode of the activity and the stage of their practice.

Therefore, the specialist in PSYCHOLOGY OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND SPORT will develop specific capacity, among other aspects, that:

  • Assess the psychological characteristics in the practice of sport and physical activity, in accordance with the specific discipline.
  • Determine the requirements of the psychological characteristics of the subject that practice, guides or judged sports and physical activities, in accordance with evaluation processes carried out.
  • Support the subject who practice or judges sports, or physical activities in the control of the psychological variables that impact their performance.
  • Guiding the planning, management, administration and control of projects and programs of sport and physical activity in accordance with comprehensive development policies.