Degree awarded:

Specialist in the management of ICT Business

Program Name: Specialization in management of ICT Business

SNIES code*: 103497

Duration: 2 Semesters - 39 weeks

Number of Academic Credits: 26

Day: Evening

Type of Training: Specialization

Modality: Face-to-face

Location: Envigado - Antioquia

Official Registration: Resolution of the MEN No. 11068 of 14 July 2014

Training Purpose

Empower professionals from various areas of knowledge in knowledge and skills for the use and appropriation of ICTS in organizations, considering technical and functional aspects of use of the information and the availability of resources.

Therefore, the ICT Management Specialist Business will develop specific capacity, among other aspects, that:

  • Planned projects of ICT adoption of an organization in accordance with the domestic needs and its relationship with the environment.
  • Performs control of projects of ICT adoption in accordance with the implemented plans.
  • Ensures the performance of the projects of adoption of ICT in agreement with results, effects and impact expected.
  • Improvement of the ICT adoption projects, according to the needs of the organization and technology trends.