Degree awarded:

Specialist in State Responsibility

Program Name: Specialization in State Responsibility

SNIES code*: 102700

Duration: 2 Semesters - 39 weeks

Number of Academic Credits: 26

Day: In the Afternoon

Type of Training: Specialization

Modality: Face-to-face

Location: Envigado - Antioquia

Official Registration: Resolution No. 9701 of the men of the 29 July 2013

Training Purpose

Empower, professionals from various areas, with powers to intervene in the framework of the responsibility arising in the State-civil society relations and other legal persons, in accordance with the legal principles of constitutional, legal and jurisprudential national order.

Therefore, the specialist in State responsibility will develop specific capacity, among other aspects, that:

  • Integrates the information rules on State responsibility.
  • Establishes policies and objectives taxable quotas in accordance with the expectations of the State Responsibility in Colombia.
  • Develops models of Relationship Status - Natural and Legal Persons, to establish its responsibility, supported in methodologies and techniques for formulation of state contracts.
  • Reports of audit, using methodologies and techniques in accordance with the legal requirements.