Degree awarded:

Specialist in Finance and Projects

Program Name: Specialization in Finance and Projects

SNIES code*: 102500

Duration: 2 Semesters - 39 weeks

Number of Academic Credits 26

Day: In the Afternoon

Type of Training: Specialization

Modality: Face-to-face

Location: Envigado - Antioquia

Official Registration: Resolution No. 5367 of the men of the 10 May 2013

Training Purpose

Empower professionals from various areas of knowledge, with knowledge and skills in strategies and techniques of finance and of the projects, for the prospective performance in contexts of investment or social intervention.

Therefore, the specialist in Finance and Projects will develop specific capacity, among other aspects, that:

  • Integrates the financial information in accordance with the sources of information on markets and business environments at the local, national and international.
  • Establishes policies and financial targets in accordance with the growth expectations, risk, value and socio-economic development of individuals and organizations.
  • Develops actions to achieve the financial goals within the framework of institutional or individual policies, supported in methodologies and techniques for investment projects or social intervention.
  • Performs financial reporting of investment or social intervention, using methodologies and techniques in accordance with the legal requirements, institutional or organizational.