Degree awarded:

International Business Manager

SNIES code*: 13074

Duration: 10 semesters

Number of Academic Credits: 160

Day: Daytime - Mixed

Type of Training: Professional University

Modality: Face-to-face

Location: Envigado - Antioquia

Official Registration: Resolution No. 4596 of 11 October 2005, effective 7 years

Qualified Registration Renewal: Resolution No. 3254 of 05 April 2013, effective 7 years

Qualified Registry Modification: Resolution No. 10886 of 25 July 2015

*National Information System of Higher Education

Aware of the constant change at the national and international level, training in administration and the productive relationship that is derived from it, in the midst of the diversity of peoples, allows the professional in International Business Administration of the “Institución Universitaria de Envigado” lead processes of planning, organization, implementation and evaluation in the finance, commercial and human resources areas within the organizations, optimizing all the resources that allow them to create new models of coexistence with a wide commercial and negotiating capacity at the national and international level.

The “Institución Universitaria de Envigado” is an institution of higher education subject to inspection and supervision by the Ministry of National Education.

Purposes of Training

To train professionals with the capacity to manage organizational activities in their international field, taking into account the characteristics and regulations of global markets.


The program of International Business Management, incorporated as a reference point for the development of competencies those suggested in the Tuning Project Latin America (Europe Aid, 2007):

  1. Ability of abstraction, analysis and synthesis
  2. Ability to apply knowledge in practice.
  3. Ability to organize and manage the time.
  4. Knowledge of the study area and the profession.
  5. Social responsibility and civic engagement.
  6. Oral and written communication skills.
  7. Ability to communicate in a second language.
  8. Skills in the use of information and communication technologies.
  9. Research capacity.
  10. Ability to learn and be updated permanently.
  11. Skills to search, process and analyze information from a variety of sources.
  12. Capacity for criticism and self-criticism.
  13. Capacity to act in new situations.
  14. Creative capacity.
  15. The ability to identify, pose and solve problems.
  16. Ability to make decisions.
  17. Capacity for teamwork.
  18. Interpersonal skills
  19. Ability to motivate and lead toward common goals
  20. Commitment to the preservation of the environment
  21. Commitment to his/her socio-cultural environment
  22. Appreciation and respect for diversity and multiculturalism
  23. Ability to work in international contexts
  24. Ability to work autonomously
  25. The capacity to formulate and manage projects
  26. Ethical commitment
  27. Commitment to quality

Professional Profile

The graduate from International Business Administration of the Institucion Universitaria de Envigado is a professional who is identified by:

  • Characterize the organizations and their relationships with the international context, in accordance with the expectations of its social object
  • To establish the acquisition, use and maintenance of resources required for the development of business activities in accordance with the strategic plans of internationalization.
  • Apply the legal and regulatory framework of international negotiation in accordance with the purpose of the activities of the organization.
  • Prospect the development of business activities in accordance with the characteristics of the global market.

Occupational profile

The integral formation of the professionals of International Business Administration, allows them to perform jobs such as:

  • Manager, Director and Administrator of companies at national and international level
  • Manager and Administrator of logistics trading companies at the national and international level
  • Administrator of customs agencies, imports and exports.
  • Administrator of Export Processing Zones and international transport companies.
  • International consultant for national and foreign companies.
  • Administrator of the Department of foreign currency in the banking sector.
  • International Business Manager, managing to plan, develop, implement and evaluate strategies focused on the internationalization of the company.