Degree awarded:

Certified Public Accountant

SNIES code*: 7518

Duration: 10 semesters

Day: daytime- Mixed

Registration: Resolution No. 2533 of 30 May 2006, effective 7 years

Qualified Registration Renewal: Resolution No. 5368 of 10 May 2013, effective 7 years

*National Information System of Higher Education

The Program of Public Accounting of the “Institución Universitaria de Envigado” seeks the integral formation of its professionals for an efficient performance in the areas of financial, fiscal and administrative with a high human quality and professional ethics in their field of knowledge.

In addition, form competitive professionals, able to communicate with the world of business in this era of business risk, to train the student in the methodology "learning to learn", development of mental structures through the maturation and the interaction with the environment, applying new technologies, understanding the social context, business, legal, economic, political and institutional context in which fits the professional practice

The Institution of the University of Envigado is an institution of higher education subject to inspection and supervision by the Ministry of National Education.

Occupational Profile

The professional in Public Accounting of the “Institución Universitaria de Envigado” may perform efficiently in the financial area, tax legislation and marketing, in accordance with the opening of the economy, the stock market and the financial sector.

In the official and private sector, can perform part by setting fiscal situations of risk, cyclical as insolvencies, liquidation of companies, budgets, evaluation of projects, feasibility studies applying international accounting and ethical standards.

The Public Accountant of the IUE in addition, you can serve as:

  • Accountant of private and public companies.
  • Head of costs, budget and taxes.
  • Chief financial Officer.
  • Tax and accounting consultant.
  • Auditor.
  • Financial Analyst.
  • Fiscal reviewer.
  • Comptroller.
  • Treasurer.
  • Dean of Public Accounting.
  • Lecturer.
  • University teacher.
  • Researcher.